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Particulate filter cleaning system

Tired of spending too much time removing and cleaning your filter? Our state of the art particulate filter cleaning system from TUNAP relieves you of such stress, allowing blocked filters to be cleaned without removing them. TUNAP’s filter cleaning system available at Euro Car Care has been successful over 250, 000 times worldwide. Environmentally friendly and much more affordable, this patented technology is highly recommended for a quick, stress-free filter clean.


As opposed to spending a lot of time on standard cleaning companies or buying replacements, choose TUNAP’s DPF (diesel particular filter) cleaning system. A standard cleaning company charges around £600 – 800 and takes a number of days to complete. It involves a more complex process of removing the blocked filter and sending it to a cleaning company. Replacing your filter takes 1 – 3 days and costs, even more money – often over £1000. In both instances, a garage replacement car might need to be organised. With TUNAP’s DPF cleaning system, your filter doesn’t need to be removed. Therefore, our cleaning system requires only two hours and typically costs £300 - £400. For the quickest, most affordable fix, choose our professionals at Euro Car Care.

Why it's important to keep clean

Diesel particulate filters protect the air that we breathe. If these filters aren’t cleaned properly, they’ll stop working. Left unattended, residue builds up and results in reduced fuel economy, filter damage, less horsepower and engine damage.


Our DPF cleaning systems will extend the life of your DPF and your engine, improve your car’s efficiency and fuel economy and keep your entire fleet on the road. Not only does a clean DPF have endless benefits, but it is also a requirement stated in the law. To meet EPA and CARB requirements and avoid stiff fines, it is strongly recommended that your DPF is clean. TUNAP’s cleaning system at Euro Car Care is your easiest way of maintaining this.

How does it work?

The particular filter removes soot and other fine particles from the exhaust fumes, which are then burnt off from time to time – known as the regeneration process. However, over time, more residues build up and the filter system blocks up. Whether it‘s caused by the way in which you drive or using poor quality fuel, TUNAP will help to diagnose the problem and find a solution. As opposed to removing or exchanging the filter, TUNAP can clean it by flushing particles out. Soot and particles are loosened and pushed out by the exhaust fumes. Being able to diagnose the problem, our professionals can suggest solutions to prevent the particulate filter system from blocking again. Solutions are shown throughout the following video.

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